A guide to meditation for the rest of us

I finally signed up for a mindfulness meditation course to begin later this fall.

I’ve been deeply interested in this particular method since learning about it through my previous job, when we did a show on the founder, Jon Kabat-Zinn, a scientist at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. What I appreciate about it is that it’s not fluffy, that it’s down-to-earth and practical, and that it’s serious and generous. And important to me as well is that though it’s based on Buddhist principles, it’s very hands-off theologically—I’m happy with my religion and not looking for a new one. I just want to be able to handle stress, anxiety and insomnia better. I’m always skeptical of this sort of thing because there are thousands of self-declared gurus out there who are making a fast buck off the impressionable, but all the research we did for the show on JKZ convinced me it was legit both spiritually and medically. So the course I’m taking is with a local teacher who was certified via the UMass Medical School.

And just in time seemingly is this great post on Lifehacker with lots of resources for starting basic meditation. Also, here’s a video of JKZ giving a meditation seminar at Google headquarters.