You are going to do this

You are going to do this. There is no stopping you. You’ve made your decision, and nothing will stand in your way, God willing. There is no fear. This is a fait accompli. All doubt is merely stage fright, the fear of imperfection. The only way to achieve perfection is through imperfection. You chip that im- prefix away, day by day. There is no delay in the chipping. The word perfection is already there, waiting. If you don’t chip at it, you are stuck with imperfection. That is unacceptable. You see your goal. You aren’t just writing a book; you are creating literature; you are creating a work of art. There is no compromise. There is no PlayStation3. There is only determined, indomitable pursuit of the goal you have set for yourself, which you will achieve. There is no question. You will write a stunningly beautiful work of literature. You will. Day by day. Don’t fear the mountain when all you have to do each day is walk a few steps. The mountain will cooperate if you simply climb one step at a time. So walk. Everyone knows you are a fantastic writer. They will say it can’t be done, that it shouldn’t be done, that people don’t read. But they don’t know what you know. They are the naysayers, the fearful—or they are those who have seen and know it can be done, and see that you will be one of those to do it. All you have to do is walk. It doesn’t matter if it isn’t perfect the first time. You won’t give up. You will make it stronger with each passing day until it is indestructible. You will not be afraid. You may not have all the answers but you will ask all the questions and you will find a way over, under, around or through. You may not know the answers, but not turning away despite not knowing is what makes you a man, an artist, a writer. You show up anyway, saying that you don’t have the answer, and working through that unknowing until you’ve put down words on the page. If they are the wrong ones, you will know, either sooner or later, and you will write the right ones. But first you need to cast out the wrong ones so what you have left, after searching within yourself, will be the right ones. Do not be afraid, and do not give up, ever. Remember who you were, who you are, and know who you will be. Decide that. Pray.