Growing from literary rejection: Interview with writer and marketer Grace Flahive

A case study from the front lines of fiction publishing: novelist/marketer Grace Flahive talks about the dos and don’ts of pursuing publication, working with an agent, hooking editors, and learning from rejection. Watch the video above or read the transcript on Medium.

Podcast interview about storytelling and introversion

I was interviewed on the Introverted Queen podcast about storytelling, siblings, shyness, and of course introversion during the pandemic. Give it a listen!

Digital storytelling workshop

A Zoom livestream workshop presented by the Creative Innovation Studio at Ryerson University as part of the Communities Create initiative during the COVID-19 pandemic. I showed viewers how to create a digital story: a short video that tells a personal story using photos, narration and sound effects, and that’s created on a mobile device with easy-to-use apps.

How “The Hunger Games” hooks readers: Bringing a premise to life

How author Suzanne Collins creates a compelling high-concept premise in the opening chapter of The Hunger Games, how she brings that premise to life through character, world-building, and language, and how that premise conquered the literary world. Watch the video above and read the transcript on Medium.

How “Cloud Atlas” hooks readers: Delivering the Unexpected

How author David Mitchell uses unexpected structure and unexpected language to hook readers in his novel Cloud Atlas. Plus, how the psychological concept of flow applies to great writing. Watch the video above and read the transcript (with extras) on Medium.

Learning from “Coraline” by Neil Gaiman: Building a world

Great writers build spaces for compelling stories and settings that capture our imagination. Here’s how author Neil Gaiman hooks readers using exploration and discovery of a setting in Chapter 1 of his novel Coraline. Watch the video above and read the transcript on Medium.